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Welcome to Calm Chakra Yoga
Taking you through the journey of yoga by creating a sense of calm within.
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As with the Moon;
It goes through phases just as we go through phases in our lives, it always refreshes as a new Moon promoting new beginnings
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As with the Sun;
No matter how many times it goes down it will always rise again, should we fall there is always an opportunity to rise again.
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Be a Lotus; the Lotus flower
Grows in muddy water, but has the strength and beauty to bloom out of darkness into the world and shines to enlightenment.
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As with the Universe;
We are connected to our mind, body & soul with yoga as much as we are within the Universe, the Universe is also within us - reminding us that we are never alone.
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Welcome to

Calm Chakra Yoga!

Text – Calm Chakra Yoga Founder

Control Anxious Thoughts

If you have regular anxious thoughts and they keep you up at night I’ll give you tools to help kick anxiety in the face.

I help busy women transform their mindset through yoga, so they can overcome anxiety and live a sustainable happy life with confidence!

You learn YOGA BEYOND THE MAT to help you control anxiety in your daily life.

Explore Holistic Therapies

If you’ve thought about exploring holistic therapies like yoga but don’t know where to start- I can simplify this for you through my classes without the feeling of overwhelm.

Whether you’re new to yoga or have practiced before, my classes are suitable for all levels as I will guide you through modifications. At Calm Chakra Yoga everybody is welcome!

Yoga anywhere, anytime!

If you lead a busy lifestyle and struggle to find time for yourself, you can practice with me at scheduled classes.

You can also practice in your own time during the week as I will send you the recorded class. This way you can get the most benefits of yoga, for sustained benefits to your mind, body & soul.

Hi I’m Tina and

I’m so happy you are here!

What are Chakra’s


There are 7 main chakras, each positioned at specific points along our spine. Each chakra represents particular glands, organs and states-of-mind.
Our well-being can be affected by imbalanced or blocked chakras. Through yoga, we work to balance our emotional, mental and physical health; resulting in positive energy flow through our body, soul and energetic life force (Prana) for a focused and calm centre…

Call/Text/ WhatsApp for details about Classes.


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