About Us

My Story, My Journey, My Transformation

I was a dedicated student, attending two classes every week. After having my children, I found that attending regular classes was becoming ever more challenging with the new (albeit blessed) commitments that come with motherhood.

Eventually I found myself to be suffering from anxiety, which I did not notice (or perhaps did not even exist) whilst I was practising yoga. This ultimately affected my mental and physical well-being as well as battling the demons that I was finding within myself.

  • Turning Point

    The final straw for me was when I experienced a breakdown, sadly in the presence of my two children – who were the ones that I thought I was protecting from it all.

    Their reaction was the reality check that I really needed to finally recognise the magnitude of the underlying issues that needed to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

  • Way of Life

    To us, as a united family, yoga has now become a way of life! Please feel free to call me for a friendly chat as I feel that I would like to embrace the positive side of my own misfortunes to help others!

    Realising the benefits to the lives of both my family as well as myself, I decided it was time to embark on the path to train as a yoga teacher. As a result, I hope to share my love and passion for yoga with you.

  • New Goal

    My new goal had been identified… I needed to find a way to not only become a better version of me, but also to search within for the real Tina that I used to know and ultimately learn to truly love myself again.

    A combination of signs and people manifested themselves into my life, which I interpreted as a calling from the universe to reunite with my yogic roots.

  • Now

    My journey of self healing led me to prioritising the inclusion of yoga within my existing hectic daily life, where I began and continue to practice twice a day.

    The most amazing aspect of this change has been the way that my husband and children have naturally chosen to join me in embracing the teachings and disciplines that encompass yoga – both on and off the mat.

If you’re ready to develop a practice of positive mindset through yoga to help you overcome anxiety then let me support you on your journey of transformation

Love Tina xx

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