Creating a sense of calm within your Mind, Body & Soul.

Whilst practicing invigorating Hatha yoga asanas (postures) combined with mindful pranayama (breathing), you’ll learn how to stay present whilst balancing your chakras through movement of your body- a form of moving meditation. This will build strength and flexibility in your mind and physical body.

I teach more than just Yoga asanas, but also share knowledge that I continue to learn on my spiritual journey- from ancient scriptures to techniques you can use everyday!

You’ll feel the transformation in your mind and body, whilst cultivating deep soul connection for daily spiritual bliss!

Join now to learn how to live your life with Yoga- YOGA BEYOND ASANAS!

  • Do you constantly feel overwhelmed with anxious thoughts and worries about your children, family, work, and the NEVER ending to-do list?
  • Do you want to get outside of your headspace and let go of your thoughts?
  • Do you want more body connection to go deep within your heart to reconnect to your soul, find inner peace and happiness to help you cope with life and challenges you may face?

As a result of regular classes with me, you’ll disconnect from the outer world and reconnect to your inner self.  You’ll transform your mindset, your life, and welcome a new YOU! Make time for yourself, you deserve it!

Join me on this journey of yoga and learn how to accept, love yourself and calm any feelings of anxiety- just Let it Go!

I’m based in Watford Hertfordshire but currently teaching online.

Before You Book

Important Information

But Before Your Class

  • Please arrive in the room 10mins before class so I can say hi, check in with you (and see your lovely faces!), and allow class to start on time.

  • Try not to eat any heavy meals at least 2 hours before class and avoid alcohol. Keep some water near you to stay hydrated!

  • Bring your mat, any props to support (e.g. block, pillow, belt/strap), and your smile!

  • Please let me know if you have any new health conditions, or feeling under the weather before class (we all have our down days!)

  • Relax, let go and enjoy some ‘ME’ time! Please note my classes are suitable for all levels and ages (over 18). I provide modifications for all levels! Remember yoga is not about how far you can touch your toes. It’s about how you feel when you’re getting there. Be patient with yourself and enjoy this journey!

See you on the mat  

Love & Light   

Tina x

Terms and Conditions

  • All classes are recorded and sent out to you after the session for you to use in your own time for up to a week from the day of your class! So don’t worry if you cant make the live class, you won’t miss out!

  • Your package classes must be used within 8 weeks of first class.

  • No refunds on cancellation.

Gift Vouchers available. Please get in touch to buy.